Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Hi , I've been a very very bad blogger. I've been so caught up in running the shop that I've neglected to keep updating my news. The shop has been very busy this past few weeks with customers getting ready for Christmas, the Chritsmas lights are now up outside the shop and I hope to get the tree up this week.
I'm going to be at the Strathpeffer Pavillion next week for their craft show, Thursday 8th & Friday 9th , I will have some little things for sale but mostly I will be there to promote the shop and workshops. Workshop list is now available to view online on my website.
I'm trying my hand at some hand quilting , not through choice but because I went over a pin whilst trying to get a quilt finished AAARRRRGGGG!!!!!! so now my machine is back in the cupboard untill I can get it fixed.
I love hand stitching but not when Im under pressure to get it finished before Daughter gets home from Uni as its part of her Xmas present! I can foresee allot of late nights!

Mandy x

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