Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Hi Everyone I plan to do at least one project a month and post it for you to follow along. I'm going to start with a very simple Rag Quilt which is especially good for beginners as you don't have to worry about being too precise about matching your seams.
You will need
1/2 m Green Brushed Cotton
1/2 m Owl Brushed Cotton
1m Cream Brushed Cotton
Scraps of 80/20 wadding

Cut 21 6"x6" Green Squares and 21 6"x6" Owl Squares
Cut 42 6"x6" Cream Squares
Cut 42 4"x4" Squares of wadding

You dont have to be too precise cutting the wadding as you can see I just quickly cut round a coaster which just happened to be the perfect size

Pin all three layers together and quilt from corner to corner

Now join the squares wrong sides together with a 1" seam alternating the squares till you have a strip of
6 squares

Now join the strips to make a checkered pattern. Then snip into the seams about 1/2 apart being careful not to snip the stitching.

Now wash and tumble dry your quilt and you will have a lovely soft cuddly blanket perfect for a little one!

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jen said...

I'm so glad I found this, I have seen lots of rag quilts on etsy etc and now I know what they are and how to make them! Unfortunately thats another "must make" to add to the list!